Trading Software

You probably got trading software from your broker when you opened your brokerage account. Some broker-provided platforms have premium trading tools, an awesome list of technical indicators, powerful stock scanners, sophisticated drawing tools and a real-time data feed, for no monthly fee. The Think or Swim (TOS) trading platform from TD Ameritrade is used by several Swing Master Chartist subscribers.

Here are a few other independent vendor trading software platforms that are major brokerage firm independent but in some cases do provide their own futures brokerage or forex brokerage or direct trading links to selected major brokerage firms:

NinjaTrader – Seen by many as the Swiss army knife of trading software with many built-in charting, backtesting, and trade simulation features and hundreds of apps and add-ons with even more indicators, trading signals and trading strategies.

Worden TC2000 – Built around the feature rich Worden charting platform with 70 technical indicators and 10 drawing tools. Data is limited to US and Canadian stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. TC2000 scanning is very good.

eSignal – Charts, backtesting, scanning and a data-feed encompassing 100s of global markets to include stocks, futures, Forex and options. Advanced charting level includes all the Advanced GET studies and drawing tools.

Wave59 – Has many proprietary applications like Geometric Patterns, Hive Technology, Market Astrophysics, Neural Networks and a Gann Suite to provide a fundamentally different approach to trading.

Annual costs for these premium trading platforms range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Some platforms feature automated trading, simulated trading, custom trade reporting, and streaming news as advanced options.

Swing Master Chartist was never meant to replace your brokerage trading software or the professional trading features of these independent vendors. Swing Master Chartist supplements other trading software by providing a complete trading system, several kinds of charting tools and features and totally free near real time data.

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