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Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

The short term trend for the SPY is up and the long term trend for the SPY is down. In other words, the SPY is cruising into a short trade position although it is not there yet. A breakdown of price below the red line in the 65 Minutes chart would ring the bell for aggressive traders. Note that the last momentum (MACD) bar in the 65 Minute Technicals is blue, which means higher, so absent some unexpected news overnight we would expect the SPY to trade higher into Tuesday morning, at least. The last three 130 Minute MACD bars and Daily MACD bars are also blue and up so momentum is to the upside.


The afternoon SCAN pulled out several stocks and ETFs that are already in position for a possible BEAR trade set-up. The SCAN results are not a trading signal. It gives us a short list to work from for the next trading day. The SCAN did not indicate any Oversold/BULL candidates.


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