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Swing Master/Options Master Data is down

We are experiencing problems with the data feed for Swing Master/Options Master Chartist. If you were considering obtaining a license, thank you, but we are suspending new licenses until we get this sorted.

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Do You Want an Awesome Candlestick Pattern Scanner?

This awesome candlestick pattern scanner is standard issue in Swing Master/Options Master Chartist.

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Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

The short term trend for the SPY is up and the long term trend for the SPY is down. In other words, the SPY is cruising into a short trade position although it is not there yet. A breakdown of

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How To Do Gann Roadmap Charts

How to draw Gann Roadmap channels on EOD and intraday charts. Roadmap channels are unique. They can be drawn on the same day as a change in trend and then contain the price movement for weeks, months or even a

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How To Do Fibonacci Time Projections

How to use the Fibonacci Time menu item to do Fibonacci time retracements and Fibonacci parallel time projections. You want to watch this video because some of the most effective techniques are not intuitive.

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How To Do Fibonacci Price Projections

Swing Master Chartist has a full array of Fibonacci price projection techniques, including some you will not find even in high-end (expensive) stock trading software. The tutorial video goes over how to use the software to do each of the

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Download Intraday Stock Data and EOD Data for Free

The Swing Master Chartist updater will keep your charts as up-to-date as you need them without any extra fees or costs. We had to build in some redundancy because the providers can (and do) change their algorithms from time to

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How To Use Gann Counts and the Square-of-Nine Look-Ahead

How to use Gann Counts and the Look-Ahead to quickly see how price and time have squared in the past, and how to use this information to project turning points in stocks, ETF, and Forex.

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Fourier Analysis and Hurst Cycle Projections

This video demonstrates how to use the Fourier Analysis feature to determine the dominant cycles. In the video we suggest using 5 years of Yahoo EOD data to give the Fourier algorithm plenty of data to work with. We have

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Stock Score is like a racing sheet.

Want a fast way to evaluate a list of stock symbols for their swing trading “tradeability”? Stock Score, a regular feature in our stock trading software, does exactly that for you. Download a free trial today and give it a try.

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