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Most Liquid Optionable Stocks and ETFs

Long List (169)

Working List (109)

Liquidity is an essential element of successful trading. In practice liquidity means that you can get into and out of positions quickly and with a minimum of burdensome transaction costs (slippage).

A "fair" price for options is the midprice of the bid/ask spread. Probability calculations are almost always based on this midprice so selling at the bid and buying at the ask will automatically put you at a statistical disadvantage.

Bid/ask spreads in even the most liquid options like SPY will widen considerably during episodes of extreme volatility. Positions in anything less than the most liquid underlyings in a fast moving market may result in a loss for the trade even when you are correct on direction.

For options we want to see a minimum of 500 in Open Interest for all the strikes near and at the money.


These lists include some ETFs without traded options. Some also have very low liquidity which most often results in very wide bid/ask spreads. You can use even these ETFs like an index and go to the ETF underwriters site to get a list of the component individual stocks.

Asset Classes

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Style Indexes

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