Trend Charts



The Trend Charts Screen has nine panels that display automatically updated near-real-time data in individually selectable time frames of 15, 30, 65 or 90 Minutes. You can determine the frequency of the updates by radio button selection.

You can open only one Trend Charts screen at a time. The chart panel selections persist between OMC sessions.

Drag ní Drop a symbol from the selection list onto a chart to create a Trend Chart for that symbol. The selection list contains all the symbols in all the watchlists from the Market Location Screen. The Renew List button will update the Trend Charts selection list when you add or subtract a symbol from a watchlist.

Start and Stop updates from the Timer Minutes panel in the lower right corner.

Select between Quote Server X or Y if performance becomes an issue. This selection is independent of and does not affect the choice of Quote Server A, B, or C.

The background color of each chart panel is determined independently of any other chart panel. Blue indicates a rising Hull Moving Average for that time period. Tan indicates a falling Hull Moving Average for that time period.

Price bars display in Heikin-Ashi format.


The nine small panels in the lower right corner correspond in location to the charts in the main panel. Click as many times as necessary on an alert panel to set a Bull or Bear pullback alert. The alert panel will turn all Green when a bullish alert is triggered and all red when a bearish alert is triggered.

The Pullback Alert Panel is especially useful to time a favorable entry into a trending stock because it uses an intraday time frame to alert you that a trending stock has moved in a direction opposite to the daily trend. So long as you got the daily trend right the Pullback Alert will provide you with enough warning to gain an advantageous entry point before resumption of the main trend. 

You can select between Loose and Strict alert rules. Loose rules use one trend indicator. Strict rules use two trend indicators and both must be in proper position to trigger an alert. Strict rules should be used only on strongly trending stocks but experimentation and experience will determine the best use.