Stock Score


Stock Score Table

The Stock Score Table scans all the symbols in the Core, Specials and Watch watchlists and displays the results in a sortable table.

Video Tutorial Video Link. How To Use Stock Score

Score is the technical score calculated for that symbol. Technical score is a combined and weighted raw score of several different technical indicators: 50 and 100 period moving averages, RSI, MACD, and ROC, which are themselves calculated for different time periods. The results are weighted with the longer periods given greater weight, combined and presented as a single number. Positive scores are bullish and negative scores are bearish. Scores greater than +7 and less than -7 are believed to carry more predictive authority.

Relative 1% Return displays how this symbol has performed relative to a virtual investment earning a steady 1% return per annum. For the symbol, the comparison is for the life of the Heikin-Ashi Chart on the Market Location Page, or about 7 months.  The return on SPY in the above table, for example, is 13.48 times better than a 1% return, or 13.48%.

Closing Price is the last available price at the time of the scan.

Filter displays the position of the symbol in the Trend Filter Model. The model is a 50 period and 100 period EMA of daily closing prices. The model is bullish when the 50 period EMA is above the 100 period EMA, and bearish when below.

CCI Status displays the position of the symbol in the CCI Indicator. The CCI is considered OB when it is above 100 and OS when it is below -100. With few exceptions every worthwhile swing trade begins from an OB or OS CCI Status.


SP500 Sectors

This chart shows the nine Sector SPDRS in the SP500 index. The charts are in Heikin-Ashi format with an Ichimoku Cloud overlay. You can see at a glance which SP500 sectors are performing the best and the worst in the moment and against the trend established by the cloud.


Market Aware

Market Aware presents the major US stock indexes, commodities, bonds, gold, the US dollar and volatility in an easy to read and interpret format.