Methods Chart


The Methods Chart implements an advanced version of the software which is included with each of the three ebooks on Hurst Cycles, Fibonacci Trading, and Gann Square of Nine. The Hurst menu includes the very popular Cycle Finder which makes identifying useable cycles for any symbol a one-click procedure.


The Methods Chart menus function substantially identical to the menus described in the ebooks so we will not go into them here.

The Data Period menu item allows you to select between Daily data or 15 Minute data for the chart display. The data is downloaded on demand and is near realtime. Because of imposed limitations on the amount of backfill data that can be downloaded at one time cycle lengths are generally limited to less than 150 periods. As a practical matter this will have little effect on gaining maximum utility from cycle work.

You can open more than one Methods Chart at a time. The data period cannot be changed during a session.