Options Master Chartist

This documentation is about how to use the Options Master Chartist software.

Options Master Chartist (OMC) can help you trade smarter in three ways:

1.  Our cut and paste watchlists let you categorize, organize and manage and unlimited number of stock lists. Are gold miners the place you want to be?  Oil service stocks, US index ETFs, international indexes, whatever you want. Wherever the best opportunities are.

2.  Use OMC's scanning and technical analysis tools on your lists to find today's best trading opportunities, quickly and reliably. Use OMC's unique assortment of trading charts to time your trade for the best possible risk to reward entry and exit.

3.  Use OMC's option chain sorts, calculators and preview tools to precisely control your risk and maximize your leverage.

Direction matters

To well financed professional options traders the direction that a stock or ETF moves is not that important. For them it's all about probabilities and adjustments. Things are different for the retail trader. For us direction matters, and it matters the most when we use options as a substitute for buying stock. 100 shares of Amazon costs $70,000. An amount way beyond the reach of most retail traders. A well placed option spread in Amazon might cost only a few hundred dollars. Options expand the retail traders universe of stocks to trade, and ways to trade smarter and to make more money in the stock market.

OMC is a technical analysis monster. A good monster, mind you, when you use it to do your bidding but one that can overwhelm you with too many cutting-edge tools, too much to learn. Success requires effort. We do not apologize for that. We put a library of research into OMC's technical analysis tools. It would take a library size manual to explain each of them in detail. One of the best online resources for learning about technical analysis tools is stockcharts.com Chart School.

Use OMC like a well equipped workshop. Use what you need to get the job done today and leave the rest to use tomorrow.

December 2015

Peter Amaral